A new breakfast item has found its way to our menu!

We are going to be sharing a new recipe and technique to create an egg roulade!  Stay tuned!


Thank you Anna Sullivan!

Anna Sullivan is a long-time friend of Terry, Lorraine and the staff at the Humphrey Hughes House. She has visited the inn every year for over twenty years and recently put together a lovely and detailed post about us on her travel blog, Glamper ~ An Airstream Diary. Take a look for yourself to see the beautiful photos she snapped while staying with us a couple of weeks ago!

Thank you Anna!

Cranberry Orange Scones with Citrus Drizzle

Preparing a daily, full breakfast for 20 is no easy task! Volume is one thing, but variety is a big challenge too. Serving our guests pancakes every day would certainly get old fast. The secret is in the planning and preparation. We have an arsenal of excellent tried-and-true recipes that Lorraine has collected and developed over the years to please not only our guests’ tastebuds, but also our own high standards when it comes to quality and ease of preparation.

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Waste Not!

In the spirit of resourcefulness we make use of the “bun butts” (as we lovingly call them) from Hot Dog Tommy’s to create the beautiful and delicious “Oven Baked French Toast” breakfast that our guests love!

The ends of the buns are cut off to make room for the plentiful (and delicious) toppings at the famous hot dog stand right down the block from us and they happen to be just perfect for our recipe. Thanks to Hot Dog Tommy and Mashed Potato Mary!!